This plunger type 0-5K throttle potentiometer is suitable for use with many of the above controllers. It is very useful for installations where a throttle pedal is required to act directly on the potentiometer without a throttle cable. It has 3 wires and is made of plastic with two flanged mounting holes.

This potentiometer can also be used as a 2-wire variable resistor by choosing the wiper wire and either of the other wires for 0-5K or 5K-0 operation, as required. Just use a test meter to determine which wire is the wiper, and which is the high or low end of the potentiometer, the wire colours sometimes vary., as required.

Suitable for many controllers and can also be used with a suitable microswitch.

Dimensions overall (approx):

Length 63.5mm

Width 46mm

Height 20mm (body)

0-5K Plunger Throttle Potentiometer - 3-Wire Type-AC

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