• 20kW / 40-60kW - Large AC Induction Motor

Our largest three-phase AC induction motor is ideal for applications requiring greater torque and power such as vans and 4 x 4 vehicles. These motors are built to order.

When used in combination with our 650A 96V or 108V, or 144V 550A controller packages, this motor is capable of providing torque suitable for vehicles from 1500 kg to well over 3500 kg depending on gear ratios available and performance required.

The supplied shaft is ideal for fixed reduction drives and can also be easily cut down to suit most automotive gearbox applications. Use with a reliable taper lock bush adaptor which is capable of handling much greater shock and torque loads than any plain keyed adaptor.

The motor includes a cooling fan and there is finned aluminium heat-sinking on the case exterior.

The peak efficiency of this motor is similar to a DC motor of similar size, however, in common with many other AC induction motors it tends to maintain higher efficiency over a wider rev and load range and is far superior when regenerating. In addition regenerative braking and reversing can be achieved very easily with only one line contactor in circuit which compares with a series wound DC motor which requires a minimum of three contactors.

See performance data here.

Dimensions (approx): Outline drawing details here 

Weight (approx): 115 kg

This motor is built to order.

20kW / 40-60kW - Large AC Induction Motor

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