Excellent reasonably priced and very popular permanent magnet 1 hp motor. Extremely versatile and ideal for all sorts of applications including: gokarts, model railway locomotives, robots, mowers, small boat propulsion, motorbikes, electrathon endurance vehicles, etc.

This is a direct replacement for the ubiquitous Bosch motor which is no longer manufactured and no longer available. The drive shaft diameter and the flange face have identical mounting dimensions to the Bosch and the rest of the dimensions vary by only a small amount. The performance specification has been designed to be essentially identical.

This motor must be used with some sort of current limiting device such as one of our 24V controllers with a suitably specified fuse (minimum rating) in the positive circuit to protect against excessive loads that may otherwise cause damage to the motor. Testing to determine the minimum fuse rating may be necessary. It is suggested that you start with a 20A rated fuse and work up in 5A stages to a maximum of 40A. The lower the fuse rating, the better the motor will be protected.

Approximate outline dimensions:

Length overall including shaft extensions: 185 mm

Length of body: 143 mm excluding protrusions

Diameter of body: Excluding protrusions: 110 mm; Including protrusions: 114 mm +/- mm

Effective length of output shaft: 35 mm

Diameter of output shaft: 12 mm

Mounting Studs: Thread diameter: M6; - Length: 10 mm; - Spacing: 120 degrees on 100 mm PCD

Weight: 4.2 kg approx. estimated


Motor Specifications:

Type: Brushed permanent magnet

Supply Voltage: 24V DC

Power: 750W

Output Speed: 3300 rpm

Current: 40A

Protection: IP10

Insulation Class: F

Rotation: Clockwise with (+)Red / (-)Black viewed from output shaft end. For anticlockwise rotation just swap colours for (+) and (-).

Please click the drawing icon above to see a dimensioned outline drawing of this motor. Performance can be seen by clicking the icon for the original Bosch curve above.

24V 750W DC Motor

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