• 60V up to 32A High Frequency Charger - for onboard use

This is a high frequency 60V charger suitable for installation on board a mid-size EV. It has a specific charge profile programmed to suit the battery you need to charge which also governs the maximum output current which may vary from the title output by a few amps and can also be set up to suit the capacity of the mains supply connection plug.

When ordering this charger please specify the following:

  • Battery chemistry - i.e. lead acid or lithium or?
  • Brand of battery to be charged?
  • Battery model serial number?
  • Ampere hour capacity (Ah)?
  • Ampere hour rate (C?)
  • Type of battery - i.e. flooded or dry (AGM or Gel) or?
  • Nominal pack voltage?
  • Mains supply connector plug capacity?

Dimensions - approx:

  • Length 330mm
  • Width 220mm
  • Height 95mm


  • 6 kg approx

Please note:

1. there is a lead-time on delivery of this charger because it is built and programmed to order to suit your batteries as exactly as possible.

2. specifications and price current at date listing input on webstore but subject to change without notice.

60V up to 32A High Frequency Charger - for onboard use

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