• Toyota Aygo Mk 1 Conversion Parts Kit

AVT offers this basic kit to convert the extremely practical Toyota Aygo to electric drive. The converted car will normally achieve speeds of around 50 to 60 mph. The standard kit and all options include regenerative braking.

We offer the kit with various options and you can choose to buy the batteries with the kit or separately. Whilst there is room to install cheaper lead acid batteries there is insufficient weight capacity without sacrificing the rear seats, so we only offer lithium batteries for a range of around 50 to 70 miles, depending on driving conditions. You can, of course, install your own choice of batteries, if you prefer.

Please click the following links for further details of the parts in the kit which include the motor, motor mount bracket, controller with control wiring, cabling, DC-DC converter, charger to suit your choice of batteries, the motor to gearbox adaptor plate, and your choice of motor to gearbox shaft drive adaptor:

A fixed drive coupling for driving in one gear only and A light weight flywheel for easy gear-changing with the clutch.

We offer the following kit upgrade options: A more powerful controller for use with the standard motor for more acceleration; a higher power motor and a more powerful controller for speeds up to around 60mph and the higher power motor with a higher power controller for speeds around 70 mph.

This kit is built to order so please allow 4 to 12 weeks delivery lead time.

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Toyota Aygo Mk 1 Conversion Parts Kit

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