Vacuum Pump Kit VP1

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Our lightest, quietest, highest efficiency and most sophisticated vacuum pump.

Power: 12V < 2.5A approx.

Vacuum performance:

  • Maximum vacuum: -650 mbar
  • Flow rates (approx. estimated):
      • 35 LPM @ 0 mbar
      • 29 LPM @ -100 mbar
      • 24 LPM @ -200 mbar
      • 14 LPM @ -400 mbar
      • 6 LPM @ -600 mbar

Kit includes: pump with internal solid-state vacuum switch, integral input tube ferrule and rubber mounts.

Installation is straightforward: The vacuum pump will operate in any position although horizontal installation is preferred. The three rubber mount feet can be bolted down onto any suitable surface with appropriate M6 hardware (not supplied) for your application. The two pole connector should be crimped and connected to a 12V supply and chassis earth. Please note that the polarity of the wiring to the connector is important. There are very small + and - signs moulded into the plastic immediately next to the metal terminals inside the connector housing on the vacuum pump. The + terminal should be wired via the appropriate pole of the connector to a 12V supply and the - terminal should be connected via the other pole of the connector to chassis earth. Usually the 12V supply is sourced from a switched supply such as the ignition key switch on the vehicle.

Dimensions (approx): length 190.5mm x width 118mm x height 139mm - weight 1.35kg approx.

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