12V 6A High Frequency Onboard Charger

  • Model: CH-12-6S

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This is a very useful little charger. You can use it to charge an individual 12V battery or you can use a number of these chargers to charge a pack made up of 12V batteries. Just fit one per 12V battery block. This has the added benefit that you can change the voltage of your battery pack by adding or removing a 12V battery block and all you need to charge it at the different voltage is to add or remove one of these chargers.

The manufacturer says that it is suitable for use with both flooded and sealed (AGM and Gel) type batteries. It uses an IU charge profile and drops down to a trickle charge at a lower voltage at the end of the initial charge in order to keep the batteries at peak charge.

Dimensions (approx): Length 160mm x Width 70mm x Height 50mm. Weight: 1.6kg approx


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