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This multi-function meter system can be easily mounted in the dashboard. It can read voltage, current and kWh, and offers a very useful and accurate fuel gauge display. It has an LED display and two set-up buttons to operate it.

We supply the meter unit complete with a prescaler/dc-dc converter unit (which allows reading of voltages up to a maximum of 175V) and shunt. If you wish to monitor higher voltages we can supply an optional extra prescaling attachment in which case please specify the maximum voltage you wish to monitor at time of ordering.

Main Functions and Specifications:

  • Voltage Measurement: 0-175V absolute maximum with standard prescaler included
  • Recommended for nominal votages up to 132V (without the prescaler the meter can only read up to 35V absolute maximum)
  • A further optional prescaling attachment is also available which will allow higher voltages to be monitored - please specify voltage required when ordering.
  • Amperage Measurement: Low range: 0-40.0A High range: 41-500A
  • Amp-hours: Low range: 0-199.9 Ah High range: 200-1999 Ah
  • Time Remaining: Low range: 0-199.9 hours
  • Power requirements: 9.5-40 Volts DC, 50-150 mA display on, 28mA main display off
  • Shunt: 50mV @ 500A

Dimensions of Meter only (approx):

  • Max outer bezel diameter: 63.5 mm
  • Max barrel diameter: 50 mm
  • Max depth: 80 mm
  • Hole cutout size: 52 mm
  • Weight of meter only: 230g approx


  • Meter, prescaler (small box of electronics) including dc-dc converter, shunt

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