12.5 kW/20kW AC Induction Low Speed Motor

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This three-phase AC induction motor is similar in appearance to the M-ACI-C200SLS motor but has a longer frame. It is also wound for high stall torque and lower speed power output. It is suitable for single reduction drive installation in vehicles up to around 1500 kg. The 1 hour and peak power outputs with an 80V battery are conservatively rated at 12.5kW and just over 20kW, at around 383A peak from the battery. A cooling fan is included and there is aluminium heatsinking on the case exterior. It is possible to increase peak power by increasing the voltage and current and removing the original shaft driven fan and fitting our fan blower F-BF1, suitably controlled by the internal thermal sensor or our thermostat control TC-1. These motors are built to order.

The peak efficiency of this motor is similar to a DC motor of similar size, however, in common with many other AC induction motors it tends to maintain higher efficiency over a wider rev and load range. With a suitable matched controller, such as our CR-ACIS96 or CR-ACIC80, the torque can be tailored to achieve a very uniform curve with high stall torque. For highest voltage power use our CR-CAC8496550 controller at 96V.

Please > view this link < for performance data.

Dimensions (approx): > view this link < for outline drawing details - Weight (approx): 65 kg

  • Model: M-ACI-C200LLS

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