10-16g Inertia Cut-Off Switch 12V

  • Model: IS-R1

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It is safe practice to include inertia cut-off switches on all EVs. In the event of an EV being involved in a sudden impact such as a crash, the switch can be used to shut down or disable a regenerative braking controller or, on traction only contollers, to shut down the 12V power supply to the main contactor, which in turn will cut-off the power from the main battery pack.

This inertia cut-off switch is suitable for use in low current control wiring. Use it to control a relay for higher current wiring, for example in series with the 12V feed to the main line or cut-off contactor in a traction only controller EV auxiliary circuit.

It should be mounted upright with the red button cover at the top. Two mounting holes are provided. It comes with normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) and common (C) miniature spade terminals, which are labelled on the underside near the mounting bracket, and is supplied complete with a suitable mating connector which includes silicone plastic seals.


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