Basic AC Conversion Kit suggested to suit larger vehicles - 96V


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This kit is suggested for larger vehicles with gearboxes such as vans, 4x4's and pickups or larger slower vehicles with fixed ratio drives such as delivery trucks and tugs etc. Operating voltage is 96V nominal up to around 102V max. 

The basic kit includes:

Motor - 20 kW/40 kW AC Induction Motor - High Speed - (built to order)
Controller - 96V 650A AC Regenerative Braking Motor Controller Package (built to order) including:
                Throttle potentiometer
                Control loom materials
                Cut-off switch
Charger - 96V circa 22A High Frequency Charger - for onboard use
DC-DC Converter - 96V:12V Nominal
Relay - for key switch input
Power Cable - 50 mm2 Power Cable 10 metres approx
Power Terminals - Power Cable Terminal Eyelets 50 mm2 mixed sizes x 30
Heatshrink 3:1 sleeving to suit above - 1m
Control wiring cables - mixed sizes and lengths
Sleeving - mixed sizes and lengths
Control wiring terminals - mixed sizes 
Basic Instructions and email technical support service - details and limitations in Basic Instructions. 
Please refer to our Parts for EVs & Conversions section for individual prices and further details of parts contained in this kit. 
If you add up all the parts prices you will see that buying the kit will cost you less plus you get email support as well !

  • Model: BKT-C96650AC243HS

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