0-5K Throttle Potentiometer Box with Lever - 2 or 3-Wire Types

  • Model: CR-T-C

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Throtte Potentiometer Box

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These 0-5K throttle potentiometer boxes are suitable for many of the above controllers. We generally stock the 3-wire as it can always be used as a 2-wire. The boxes are constructed of stainless steel and come with drilled stainless levers with either 2-wire or 3 wire outputs. The 3-wire version can be used as a 2-wire by choosing the wiper wire and either of the other wires for 0-5K or 5K-0 operation as required. Just use a test meter to determine which wire is the wiper, and which is the high or low end of the potentiometer, the wire colours sometimes vary. A useful NC or NO microswitch is included which switches on or off at start of the lever's travel, as required. Suitable for many controllers. Easily connected to a throttle cable with a clevis and pin or nut and bolt in any of the four hole positions on the lever.

Dimensions (approx): Length 102mm x Width 62mm (excluding lever) 96mm (with lever) x Height 50mm (body) 52mm with screw heads x Lever Arc is 450 plus (approx)

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