Drive Adaptor - Taper Lock Weld-on Hub

  • Model: TR-DATLWH-12

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This compact weld-on hub makes an ideal drive adpator for mounting a flywheel onto an electric motor. It is suitable for EV conversions utilizing the original multi ratio gearbox. It can be welded to a suitable mild steel plate to make a light-weight flywheel. To lock it onto the motor shaft you will also need the correct size taper lock bush for your motor shaft diameter. It accepts our full range of type 12 taper lock bush sizes so you can fix onto metric motor shafts from 11mm up to 32mm or imperial from 0.625" up to 1.25".

Dimensions (approx):

  • Location diameter: 65mm x 10mm long
  • Outside diameter (shoulder): 70mm x 9mm long
  • Lead-in diameter 64.5mm
  • Total thickness: 25mm

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