Custom-Made Motor-Gearbox Interface Mounting Plates

  • Model: TR-MGIP-C


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For the conversion to EV of a conventional ICE vehicle, where the original manual gearbox is to be retained, an interface mounting plate between the motor and gearbox bell housing is required. This must be very accurately machined to ensure the motor and gearbox shafts align properly and spaced to ensure the clutch will operate correctly. We can custom manufacture these parts for most vehicles and motors to order provided drawing with very accurate measurements (+/- 0.05 mm accuracy) for the following are supplied to us: 1. All dowel positions relative to the centre of the gearbox input shaft; 2. Flywheel face to gearbox face distance (note: this may be negative, in which case tell us on a drawing) 3. Outline traced around the outside of the gearbox bell housing interface (this does not need to be as accurate but should include all hole and dowel positions.

There are many different gearbox variations on production ICE cars, hence it may be necessary to custom measure and make a suitable motor-gearbox plate even for similar vehicles. However, we can also supply some motor-gearbox plates for which we already have measurements.

Prices for machining start from the above price but can be more, normally not more than up to double, according to the exact nature or the plate required. In addition we add a charge for our design work which can take a considerable amount of time. When ordering a custom motor-gearbox plate please pay the from cost above as deposit with your order and we will then advise you how much more you will need to pay when we have checked the specification of the plate required.

If you buy a motor from us then we will reduce the cost of custom-making a motor-gearbox interface plate to suit your motor and gearbox application.

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