Safety Parts

EVs operate at high voltages and for everyone's safety and to comply with safety regulations it is essential to make sure that your vehicle has safety systems installed. It is most important to avoid the possibility of electric shock. There are two ways to reduce the likelihood of this ever occurring: 1. fit an earth leakage detector and 2. fit an inertia cut-out switch. The earth leakage detector can immobilize the vehicle at start-up and be linked to an alarm and signal if any part of the high voltage electrical system's insulation breaks down or any part becomes unintentionally connected to the vehicle's chassis.

All EVs and Hybrids produced by large manufacturers include earth leakage detection and in many countries around the world it is now mandatory to fit earth leakage detection on your EV. An inertia cut-out is a safety switch which operates when the vehicle stops very suddenly such as in a crash. It can be used to switch off the power systems so as to reduce the likelihood of any systems unintentionally powering up. Again this should be fitted to most vehicles to comply with safety standards. 

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